Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hello Everyone
   :) :) :)
My Nail Art Design
 Butterfly freehand
Claire's Mood 
Vines Nail Art Design

 Purple Gradient and White Flowers Nail Art Design
Black and White Nail Art Design
Halloween Nail Art Design
 Black and White Nail Art Design 
Blue Butterfly Nail Art Design
My favorite, i love this crack.. 
its look like O.P.I shatter..
I used Warm Blue San San Nail Polish
(local Brand)
And Maya Crackle Nail polish,
and i add some of rhinestone.
My EB Nail Art Designi love Nfu Oh#65,
my very first ever...
 LV Nail Art Design (decals)
Stamping Nail Art Design
XL plate B
 Essence Nail Polish
Swirly swirl Nail Art Design
Sally Hansen (The Real Teal) Ms.Tiffani Gave me.  
Thank u!
Summer Nail Art Design
oohh lala,Happy Summerrrr :) 
Claire's Mood Excited/Bored Changing Nail Polish
Stamping Nail Art Design
XL plate B
Wet 'n' Wild Black Red Nail Polish
one of my favorite nail polish..
Stamping Nail Art Design
XL plate B
Zig Zag Nail Art Design
Yellow Pink Nail Design

 i hope u like it
see you next time


  1. Wow, so many designs! I like the butterflies,and the one with the swirls :)

  2. thank u so much GothamPolish :)
    i used water slide decals for butterfly design, so cute.. anyways thank u for the wonderful comment..

    Hsve a good day! ^_^

  3. very very nice Naildesigns you got here...especially the Wet 'n' Wild Black Red Nail Polish!
    great blog!

    kind regards :-)